Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Adventure Time" Hood Pattern

This post contains free patterns. That's always fun. :)

This is a very simple project and should take no more than 2 hrs to make. It's ripe for alteration so if you make a variation please please please! Share! I'd love to see a unicorn hood. I truly would. :)

My youngest son is a hoot. His sense of humor is a bit off... The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.

Adventure Time is a huge favorite... So Finn the Human was his choice for Halloween this year.

This is meant to fit a fidgety 15 year old. This pattern though includes a shorten/lengthen line, and instructions on how and where to measure the wearers face to get the hood to fit . If you want this to fit a size 8 kid remove the 1/2 seam allowance along center back. For every size smaller remove and additional 1/4". So for a size 4 kid remove 1".

I'm not going to give sewing instruction other than these four tips:
1. When cutting out 4 layers of polar fleece, don't pin, draw the pattern on the fabric and cut. You'll get a more accurate cut.
2. Fleece is sucky to sew. To make it better set the PSI on the pressure foot very low. You'll have to pull the fabric through the machine a bit. You can also use a walking foot or one of those specialty feet with wheels.
3. To set the ears accurately, sew one side of the dart, (your essentially marking the dart) and sew the preassembled ear to that side matching up sew lines. Then finish the dart. Sewing one side of the dart also acts as stay stitching, and makes a stable base to apply the ear.
4. I didn't mark it on the pattern, but leave a 2" gap open in the linings center back seam so you can turn the hood right side out.

The pattern was made by Amanda Lerum. She is very handy at making sewing patterns, in fact she makes patterns to sell on Etsy, you can also visit her facebook.

One other thing... There are 2 patterns, one with a chin strap, and one with ties. This is because my son couldn't decide what he likes best. Pitty me. And yet like the sucker I am, I made 2. :)

The pattern with the chin strap measures 10" from center seam down the middle of the face to the top of the chin strap. If you measure down the wearers face from the hairline, down the nose to under the chin, you will see how much you will need to shorten or lengthen the pattern.

Oh! you'll need to add a dart in the ear... mine are 1/2". You cut four of everything. The hood itself is self lined, or you can use different fabric to line it. Fancy!

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