Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making of Snow White #1

This upcoming year will be my first time attending Costume Con. I try to do two or three costume related events every year as its good for my psyche. I guess I'm never as comfortable as when I'm pretending to be someone else. :)
So for Costume Con I'm dressing up as Snow White. I'm not sure if you've seen 's drawing of the Disney Princesses done in a more historically accurate way, if not, do check out her work. It's very good.
There are a few costumers doing remakes of these drawings. Some try to make the dress even more historically accurate, some try to get the feel of the gown, but add their own design elements, some try to make her drawings more like the original Disney Princess.
I just want the gown in her picture. I love it. It's NOT historically accurate at all. It's just really cute.
This is the dress:

It's a strange mash-up of German 1500ish and Elizabethan. Obviously the gown has a support structure going on under there... Bodice is pointed... I'm thinking a stomacher over lacing, weird collar? thing... It's got to be wired maybe a wire supporter.
So as of right now this is what I have done on this project:
1. All materials have been gathered/bought (except for the farthingale fabric)

2. The caul has been built... OMG, that was surprisingly time intensive. Gah.

Your looking at 200+hours there... Never again.
3. Stays

They are cotton sateen with two layers of Duck... Boned with reed except at center back, rose two are flat steel. The busk is from Mantua Maker.
4. The beginnings of skirt embroidery

The pattern was transferred to the work via a light box... Simple enough. It's quite a not to do though... 3 bolt widths... And so it's quite a slog.

At this point I'm about 1/2 way through the embroidery. On and on it goes. It's going to be lovely when done... But I would love to just get the dress fitted and cut and together.... But the continued embroidery!!! Gah! Especially after the beat of a caul.
Oh well!! It will be a blast to wear! ;)
5. Apple!

From Joanns... It's a Christmas ornament.
You know? I think I shall just go on and pattern the bodice and get on to the skirt.... I just want to see some progress already! Lol!!
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  1. I love that illustration! Your progress looks good too!

  2. Impressive work, especially on the caul. I never could figure out how to make those.