Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Making of Snow White #2

In this post I share progress pictures of the dresses skirt and also a picture or two of the farthingale under neath.

The Farthingale pattern is from the Tudor Tailor. I bought a few yards of silk on a trip to LA garment district. I used hoop steel that I had left over from my first antebellum hoop... (simplicity, complete fail) It was a very simple project. and I didn't need to buy anything for it.

It's not the best picture... but you get the idea. It's a Farthingale. Yay!

I decided to use beads instead of embroidering the tear drop shapes on the skirt. I'm glad I did. They are unexpected and add shine and dimension

These beads are mother of pearl... I ordered orange, because the bronze type color was too dark. When the orange came I was sad... it was super bright. So I used RIT dye (brown) and boiled them... the color is much more golden now.

The skirt is 3 bolt widths of silk... 58". The front is 1 width and the back 2. I knife pleated the front not unlike a 1700ish petticoat, 'cept I cartridge pleated 10" on either side of the front and all of the back. The skirt opens at one side and has a pocket on the other.

That's a pocket....

and that's a placket.

The back is very full and swishy. :) I likes it.

now on to the bodice. :)

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