Monday, December 19, 2011

Apron Pattern and Tutorial Part 1

As a Christmas gift for my family and friends, I made aprons to give out at a Christmas baking party that I had at my home. I thought it might also be nice to give a tutorial and a free pattern for the apron to my blog followers. They are super easy to construct and make quick and cute gifts. 

With all my heart I hope that your Christmas holiday is filled with joy and happiness, and that next year will be prosperous. Merry Christmas! :)

To make this apron you will need:

1 1/4 yards of 45' novelty cotton print or quilting cotton print.
If you want your waistband tie to be the wider width you will need the 1 1/2 yards.

The above picture shows the apron's cutting layout. The only time you'll need scissors to cut in this project is for the apron bib... the pattern for it is below... all of the straps, ruffles and skirt are torn on the straight of grain across the bolt, from salvage to salvage. It's important to ask the store to tear your fabric or to give you and extra 3 inches or so, because as you can see in my layout picture this fabric wasn't torn on the grain from the bolt, and because of that I'm missing 2" or so at the top right. I should have been able to get 4 half straps and 3 full straps from 1 1/4 yards of fabric

Cut List:
2 apron bibs... either Arch or Heart shaped
4 half straps... 2 of these are for the neck strap and 2 will be used for the bib ruffle. These are torn 3" wide across the bolt from salvage to the bib
3 full bolt width straps... 2 of these are for the waistband tie and 1 is for the bib ruffle. These are torn 3" wide across the bolt from salvage to salvage.  If you want to have the wider waistband tie, tear the 2 waistband ties at 4.5"
1 skirt... You don't really have to tear this out. Whatever is the remaining fabric will be your skirt.

I think the heart shaped bib front looks shorter than the Arch... they should be the same length. (I've no idea how that happened.)

 Next entry will be all the steps of construction! I am now headed to my 3rd Christmas Party!

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