Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grand Ideas... 1950's style.

(This is part 1 of my Petticoat Tutorial)

I had a grand idea last autumn, (when I had more time) that it would be really fun to, make a fluffy fifties dress, go down to the old "Welcome to Vegas" sign and have my picture taken with Elvis. For many reasons this sounds fun to me. First, because if your a costumer from Vegas this should be a big ole "Well Duh." second because it would look good on my Steamer of the Bride site, third because making a merry widow sounds fun, and last but not least, "Yay!! Elvis!".

The plan, as it now stands, is to make a fifties dress with a petticoat and a longline/corset/bra/merrywidow type thing.

I'm using patterns for the bra and dress. The petticoat is my wacky idea though.

If you really think about it, making this bra and petticoat is pretty silly, for they are easily bought. In the petticoats case, bought for less than it costs to make. My instructions will make a longer wearing and much fuller petticoat though. So grain of salt girls... You are forewarned.

I've started on my petticoat already. I'm using THE BEST FABRIC FOR PETTICOATS... (This of course is for the silly fluffy lolita, rock-a-billy, costume type petticoats.) that being tricot.

Tricot comes in many different colors is lightweight, doesn't need to be hemmed, is washable, holds it's volume, and is fluffier than my hair on a humid day. It comes on a 108" bolt. This is really important to keep in mind as the instructions I'm about to give just won't work with a narrower fabric.

This will make a 21" length petticoat... If you want a shorter petti, mess around with the numbers to get you where you need to be. Lolita petticoats are several inches shorter, between 15" and 20". I've used this same formula to make 6" tutu's. You get the idea.

Ha!! Check out my awesome graphic!!

Ok... Really sad.
What this is saying is:
Total length = 21"
Waistband = 1"
Yoke = 10"
Main ruffle = 8.5"
Edge ruffle = 1.5"

Cut List
Waist band, this is cut from whatever you want to use, (something more substantial than the tricot) I'll be using a swimwear knit... 10-12" larger than your waist and 3" wide. You will also need 1" wide elastic cut 2" smaller than your waist. (this piece includes 1/2" seam allowance.

Yoke = three 11" long tricot x the full bolt width (this piece includes 1/2" seam allowance)

Main ruffle = six 17" long tricot x the full bolt width (this piece includes 1/4" seam allowance)

Edge ruffles = twenty four 3" long tricot x the full bolt width

This petticoat requires 6 yards of tricot

Here are some sources for tricot fabric:
Sew Sassy
Lace and Fabric
Waverly Baby

I am in no way connected to these sites, nor do I have previous experience with them. As with all online shopping, shop at your own risk.

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  2. Val- I changed the color to plain old black and made the font just a normal one, so it should be way easier to read. :)